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EDHEC helps the Villa Cavrois find new corporate sponsors

Five Canadian exchange students worked with the French government as part of the exciting opening of this rare architectural gem

Lille Campus

Lille Campus

EDHEC’s Lille campus will soon have a famous neighbour. The Villa Cavrois, a magnificent early 20th Century estate and rare example of modern architecture in France, is soon to open as a National Monument. Five EDHEC exchange students recently had the chance to work with the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, which manages the site, to find corporate sponsors, a project that figured into the MSc in Creative Business programme.

The students worked with Mr. Patrick Rosenfeld, founder of the consulting firm Culture d’Entreprise and co-founder of initiativesETcité, to create a sponsorship packet – explaining the various sponsorship options and benefits – and contacted potential sponsors. They also participated in a corporate partnership and sponsorship kick-off event at the Villa Cavrois 14 April.

“The most difficult challenge was meeting the client’s specific needs in terms of sponsorship,” explained Mr. Rosenfeld, who has worked with EDHEC since 2008. “But the students were quick to understand these needs, and they were able to develop an effective action plan that received the final green light from the client.”

For students – Canadians who were visiting EDHEC as part of an exchange programme with HEC Montreal – the experience was an excellent way to test the knowledge they gained in the EDHEC classroom. The students said they were pleased to cap off their semester in France with a visit to the Villa Cavrois, where they witnessed the results of their hard work as potential sponsors sipped champagne and chatted with Centre des Monuments Nationaux officials in the villa’s formal garden.

The Villa Cavrois was designed by the French architect Robert Mallet-Stevens and built for the Cavrois family in 1932. Long-abandoned, the villa was virtually destroyed by vandals and almost torn down to make way for a new housing project. The estate was acquired by the French government in 2001 and has since been beautifully renovated and restored. It will open to the public 13 June, 2015.

“This was a really great experience for us because we got to create all the sponsorship documents – we were there from the beginning to the end,” said Laurence Audette-Lagueux, who worked with fellow students Anne-Marie Beaudet-Emond, Frédérique Piat Corson, Katarzyna Skorek, and Andrew Winnett.

Programme Director Isabelle Sequeira beamed with pride as the five students mingled with potential sponsors at the kick-off event. “Experiences such as this one are what set the EDHEC MSc in Creative Business apart,” she said. “The opportunity to work with an expert such as Mr. Rosenfeld and with the Centre des Monuments Nationaux says a lot about the strong reputation of the programme within the Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Creative industries.”


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April 24, 2015

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