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Other Testimonials - MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation

Xin GUO, 2009-10 Clara Ybanez
Mathieu Dubreuil, 2003-04 Florent Machabert
  Jiyoung Koh, 2008-09
Zachery Bishop (EDHEC 2012) - USA
After completing my Masters in Architecture at Tulane University (New Orleans, U.S.A.) and working and studying abroad in Italy, I was looking to broaden my educational background through a new adventure in France. I chose EDHEC because of its international programs with a global perspective. Read more....
Shannon SibayanShannon Sibayan (EDHEC 2012) - USA
Travelling and learning about different cultures is extremely important for me, so I chose to narrow my choice of graduate schools to those overseas. I was also especially interested in finding a one-year degree programme. The programme was an excellent fit for me. Read more....
Xin GUOXin GUO (EDHEC 2010) - China
Only after completing it have I realised what a powerfully wonderful experience it brought me. I also appreciated myself for having made the choice, as I started my walk from Eiffel Tower to the UNESCO headquarters in the morning sun. Read more...
Clara YbanezClara Ybanez (EDHEC 2011) - France
Ms Irina Bokova was the Patron of my class. I took the opportunity to discuss with her my motivations to complete an internship at the UNESCO. Mrs Bokova asked for my resume and an interview was scheduled. I have always wanted to do my internship at the UNESCO. I am currently working in the Human Rights Department on the coalition of cities and the UNESCO Chairs website.
Jiyoung KOHJiyoung Koh (EDHEC 2010) - South Korea
I come from Seoul where I majored in Design. At first, right after graduation, I wanted to study Design Management, but instead I opted for the MSc in Arts &NGO Management at EDHEC Business School. There are several reasons why I chose EDHEC. Read more...
Florent MachabertFlorent Machabert (EDHEC 2007) - France
The programme alternates lectures with practical case studies, providing us with atypical and invaluable qualifications that can make a real difference in a sector where there will certainly be an increasing need for cultural and NGO professionals! Read more...

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